Hey, we’re ResCo


Thanks for stopping by. We are Vali + Curtis, and we run this gig. What in the heck is Real Estate Supply Co. all about? Glad you asked, Susan (…or Jim, maybe?).

We combined our skills + expertise and started Real Estate Supply Co., pet name RESCO, in 2017 to help our friends + family buy + sell real estate. During these transactions, we started to notice that our clients were actually quite capable of doing a lot — if not all — of the work themselves if they were given some basic education, tools + tips. So that’s what we’re doing here.

We supply you with our expertise, advice, resources + real estate education to help you buy + sell your own home. It’s a simple approach to everything you need to know + do because honestly, guys, it’s not as complicated as it seems.


What’s going on? I’m Curtis, or C-Blo as Vali calls me.

I founded + ran my own professional wedding videography while being a stay-at-home dad to our three boys. It was a crazy time. When we adopted our daughter, I shut down the wedding videography business + moved my skills to real estate, commercial + non-profit videography + photography.

At RESCO, I lend my expertise to help DIYers with the marketing + creative angle of selling their own home — from graphic design to photography to videography.

Here’s a fun fact: I tap danced from age 2 1/2 until 19. I used to go to competitions, and we'd always win because we had a tiny dude front + center. Oh, and I have master's degree in school counseling that I've never used.


Hey there. I’m Vali, real estate broker, wife to C-Blo + mom to four crazy-fun kids in sunny California.

I have an MBA in real estate and have been a real estate broker since 2005. I’ve helped thousands of homeowners buy and sell real estate over the last 14+ years, and I really love this industry.

I think real estate is on the cusp of change, and I’m really excited to be part of it. Here’s the skinny: historically, buyers + sellers have had to use a realtor to help them with their home search or sale, but the internet has changed everything. I am excited to use my expertise to help individuals know that they now have options for buying or selling real estate, and they can do it themselves!

Here’s what I really love: cough drops. I like them more than candy.