Thanks for stopping by. We are Vali + Curtis and we run this gig. What in the heck is Real Estate Supply Co. all about? Glad you asked, Susan (…or Jim, maybe?).

Meet the Suppliers

Meet the Suppliers

Well hello there.

We are Curtis (aka C-blo) and Valeska (aka Vali) Nemetz, the founders and faces of Real Estate Supply Company, affectionately known as RESCO. We like nicknames around here, okay?

I’m from Danville, California, and Vali is from Bakersfield, California. My only knowledge of Bakersfield as a kid was driving up and down I-5 and my dad would always say “We’re almost in Bakersfield. That’s where we get all the bugs on the windshield!” Gosh darn Bakersfield and all their bugs.

Vali and I met at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo in 2000. You might remember when all the computers crashed and the satellites fell out of the sky. Yeah, I’m talking about Y2K. While none of that stuff happened, Vali and I did meet, so that year was significant.

Anyway, after the world didn’t end, we started dating. We got married when we were WAY too young because we really wanted to have sex but our parents and Christian friends told us we weren’t allowed to until we got married. So there we were, two unemployed, broke children without car insurance or health insurance living in a 300-square-foot back house in San Luis Obispo. We’d actually have competitions to see how long we could go without grocery shopping. Eventually, Vali would cave and buy some cans of chili and Capri Suns, but hey, at least we were allowed to have sex.

Curtis + Vali

In 2004, we moved to Bakersfield. I was working part-time at a church earning $9 an hour, and Vali was a part-time dance teacher. Needless to say, the chili and Capri sun days were still alive and well a year into our marriage. Vali was then hired by a custom home builder as his personal assistant. She’d buy his kombucha and hemp seeds, and we’d watch their kids and even house sit. It was during this house sitting that I realized why it was important to make money. Have you ever experienced a rich person’s bed sheets? Oh man. It was life-changing. You might think that thread count is just a number, but actually, in the words of every Instagram influencer and annoying person on social media, “Thread count is EVERYTHING. (OMG. I. DIE. HASHTAG WHATEVER)”

Vali would attribute to her spark of passion for Real Estate to this experience, but really I think she just decided she needed a job where she made enough money to buy high thread count sheets. Vali received her Real Estate license and got a job back over on the Central Coast working for Shea Homes. She received some great experience and training as well as her Broker’s license during this time. The custom home builder in Bakersfield (John Balfanz Homes) offered Vali an amazing position as his broker in 2007, so we moved back. (Side note: Bakersfield has a way of doing this to you. It’s a sordid love affair. Some call it a black hole.)

What was I doing during this time? Milking it, baby! Bonbons, my soaps, Starbucks runs with the girls, yoga classes, you name it! Actually, we had three baby boys in three years. Since my wife was slamming deals and kicking ass, I was at home changing roughly 20 diapers a day and running my own business filming weddings. In spite of creating a wedding video business that did over 40 weddings a year with multiple employees and two film crews, I still faced daily grief over being a stay at home dad. “Hey Mr. Mom!” “Giving Mom the day off?” “Are they ALL yours?” “Someone has his hands full.” And my favorite, “Babysitting?” No, dumbass. I’m not babysitting. these are my kids and I’m their dad.

In 2013, Vali and I adopted our daughter, Hazel Grace. I closed down my wedding video business and spent my days focusing on not losing my mind or running away to Mexico. For those of you who think it’s easy to be a stay at home dad with an adopted 15-month-old daughter who only screams and pulls stuff out of the cupboards, I suggest you try it yourself. I’ll pre-order the Xanax and CBD for you. Around this time, Vali switched roles in her company and became the sales and marketing manager for the custom home builder. This required more days working, but it meant no more working on the weekends, which was great since our older kids were in school during the week.


In 2014, I too began working for the custom home builder and eventually expanded my videography and photography services to multiple commercial and non-profit projects. Vali and I realized we enjoyed working together, so we started a little side hustle helping friends and family buy and sell real estate. During these transactions, Vali started to notice that our clients were capable of doing a lot of the work themselves. Because of this, we charged on an hourly basis instead of the traditional commission percentage. Vali’s passion for empowering people to buy and sell their own real estate began to grow and become something she could no longer ignore.

We toyed with the idea of starting a DIY brokerage only to find out that some heavily funded tech companies were already working on a similar idea. This birthed the idea of Real Estate Supply Company (aka RESCO, remember?).

Instead of being the brokerage, RESCO aims to empower the buyer and/or seller to do the process themselves.

We also point buyers toward some of the great resources that are available using our expertise and the process that we already use in our day-to-day jobs.

That pretty much sums up our life from my perspective. When I die, feel free to just copy and paste this — maybe add a few things from the rest of my time here on earth — and it should give people an idea of all that I have accomplished. Basically, it comes down to the fact that I had four kids, never worked and liked Capri Suns. CAPRI SUNS ARE EVERYTHING!!!


The DIY Seller

The DIY Seller